Interchange attends the 26th ACI Airport Commercial and Retail Conference & Exhibition 2017 hosted by Nice Cote D’Azure Airport


Interchange attends the 26th ACI Airport Commercial and Retail Conference & Exhibition 2017 hosted by Nice Cote D’Azure Airport

From 3rd-5th April, 2017 a team from Interchange joined more than 400 delegates from all over the world in order to attend the 26th ACI Airport Commercial and Retail Conference & Exhibition. Hosted by Nice Cote D’Azure Airport, the second-largest airport in France, delegates met to share and discuss the challenges that all retailers face at international airports in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The key topic of the conference was how to maintain and increase retail growth using various different methods and techniques in order not to rely purely on expected PAX growth. Speakers encouraged delegates to focus on strategies that would more frequently turn travelers into customers, and recommended that airport operators should use more efficient product and service positioning, and to keep improving both the terminal operations and the passenger experience. Whether it is the new trend of creating walkthrough stores or the hybrid concept of restaurants or various live performances within duty free stores, it is clear that “eating is the new shopping”.

What was also stressed is that the quality of retail operation execution and greater customer service still continue as the cornerstones for success, but more and more companies are striving to achieve growth by providing a unique sense of place, or leveraging the newest digital technologies in order to guarantee a seamless customer experience.

Interchange was represented by Marek Nacovsky, CEO Czech Republic, Krisztian Janvari, CEO Hungary, and Tamas Konta, Airports Development Manager.

Talking about the event, Krisztian Janvari commented: ” It was a great opportunity to meet representatives of various different airports and to share our views on future airport retail opportunities. In particular, as Interchange currently operates four foreign exchange offices at Nice Airport, it was an important event for us to showcase our first-class service to conference delegates.”

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